Dramatis Personae

CALEM CYSEMET – A minor noble from the northern regions of Jara. His family was brutally murdered in their own keep by an order of blood-thirsty demon worshipers called the Crimson Dancers. Calem, after being promised by the Dancers that they would spare his immediate family, helped them gain entrance to the keep. Then he got to watch as they burned his entire family alive, and would have killed him too had he not escaped. Well, live and learn I guess.

Specialties: Horseback riding, general strategy, dislike of all things fay, talking down to peasants

FINDOLF FLAN – An eccentric, to say the least, journeyman magus from southern Jara with a fascination with the fay. He was born with dwarfism, and his dabbling in fay-magic has only made him more spriggan-like in appearance. Not that he minds, really. Like most magi, the pursuit of arcane knowledge is his one and only passion. He could give a rats * about current events unless there’s some fay-magic involved. He has two enchanted items: 1) the mouserobe, a robe made of stitched-together mouse hides that enables him to transform into a mouse, and 2) a ball of everyarn, which is a ball of yarn that can be unwound for as long as the speaker continues to tell a story without interruption (a yarn, get it?). Yeah, we’re high-magic up in here!

Specialties: illusion, earth magic, finding beautiful and rare magical creatures and rendering them for magical vis.

TARQUIN FALCONIOQUE – Tarquin grew up in a small fishing community. His life was shattered when an Ivinian raid orphaned him and forced him into slavery on the nearby island of Jara. Tarquin spent several years in bondage to an ex-mercenary and his abhorrent family. Part-time employment at the local inn, along with schooling at the local Sept brought him into the company of other outsiders — soon to become the best friends he would ever know.

Tarquin is friendly, curious, and full of bravado. His love for friends and thirst for adventure has often nudged him into the role of leader. He is headstrong and idealistic.

Think Richard Cypher from Legends of the Seeker plus a young Captain Kirk from the Star Trek movie. Tarquin is bold, brash, charismatic, a natural leader, and oftentimes a stubborn fool. His primary motivation is to become someone important and loved, and have a little adventure along the way.

Specialties: getting into trouble, talkin’ n’ fightin’ his way out, self-aggrandizement, team-buiding (including trust falls)

MELVINAARI, the apprentice magus – Melvinaari is still an apprentice, having not yet finished his arcane studies and taken his Gauntlet. He has a newfound respect for the dangers of magic after he invoked a spell called Whispers from the Black Gate, which he intended to use to pry arcane secrets from the spirit of his recently deceased master. Unfortunately, he cast it in an area where the veil was already very weak and he ended up sundering the veil completely, allowing spirits of the dead to come pouring back into the world of the living. Although he has since learned his lesson, it has not blunted his ambitions for magical power. He is now continuing his training in a covenant in southern Jara. Prized possessions include his master’s spellbook and a wicked looking dagger he has named “Sinister”.

Melvinaari possesses an unusually quick mind and a talent for learning. Unfortunately for him, his slender frame and disdain for physical labor made him ill-suited to follow in his father’s footsteps as a stonemason. Chance would bring him to the task of a structural repair on the tower of a local magus, who lived in seclusion from the superstitious and fearful population of Hommlet. Recognizing the boy’s inherent gifts, the magus invited him to leave his former life behind and accept the mantle of the Magus.

Melvinaari is learned and clever; his wit is both blade and shield against a world he does not trust. His brooding nature and natural cynicism are lightened by an admiration of beauty and art. Outside of his studies and endless quest for betterment in the magical arts, he finds great comfort in honeyed tabacco, warm hearths, and the company of true friends.

Specialties: fire magic, sarcastic remarks, getting seasick

MATHIAS ORDANIAN, priest of the Seven – Mathias was abandoned as an infant, handed to an itinerant monk of the Seven Gods who happened to be passing through one of the northern towns. The monk, in turn, left the child in the care of the Sept in Hommlet on a cold winter evening. Though he was raied under the guidance and protection of the Sept, he was given the name of Ordanian, which meant ‘Ordained by birth’, or without choice. It is the surname given to all orphans taken in by the faith.

Mathias grew into a wise and strong-willed man – his natural temper and zeal for justice tempered by a a caring heart and compassion for those less fortunate. He works tirelessly to champion the Seven, and seeks a solution to the strife that wracks his homeland. During the brigand assault on Hommlet, Mathias’ faith was put to the ultimate test. His prayers, and those of the other priests and villagers huddled inside were heard, and the brigands were unable to penetrate the sanctity of the Sept. Nearly a dozen lives were saved that day, including that of his best friend Tarquin, when Mathias discovered his incredible gift for healing the wounded.

Although he is Ivinian, with blonde hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes, his works have not gone unnoticed amongst the Jarin population of Hommlet, and followers of the Seven Gods in particular. Many villagers may never fully trust him due to his heritage, but much has changed since the day he was first delivered to the Sept and some villagers demanded that the priests drown him in the ice-cold river.

Specialties: healing, delivering some much needed common sense, acting as Tarquin’s conscience and voice of reason

TALARA, gypsy, bard, and smuggler extrordinaire – Talara’s past is a mystery, even to her. Her last memory is of wandering into Hommlet, filthy and near-starved. The local innkeeper took a liking to the young girl and gave her work as a pot scrubber, and eventually a tavern wench. Growing up at the inn, she encountered many traveling minstrels and became enchanted with their stories of high adventure and fantastic locales. She eventually left Hommlet to see the world depicted so enchantingly by the minstrels.

Talara is attractive, boisterous and often irreverent – a consumate actor, exaggerator, and the life of the party. Behind her flippant demanor, however, is a sensitive girl who is infatuated with her own imagination. She is prone to be harsh when provoked and does not suffer fools gladly. She approaches love and war with practiced showmanship and zeal… so long as she remains uninjured. She fears wolves, inertia, and growing old and boring above all other things.

Specialties: getting into trouble, leaping on the backs of her enemies, taking it to 11

CAETAL, woodsman and ranger apsirant – Caetal is an accomplished hunter and trapper, and a natural woodsman. His impatience with inaction makes him seem boorish at times, and both his predilection towards crude humor and brawling has made him a local legend even at his young age. Beneath a brash exterior is a sensitive and thoughtful nature, although not one prone to complex thinking. Either a thing is, or it isn’t — in Caetal’s world that is good enough.

ROBYN, forest-child, druid aspirant – Robyn is strong-natured, but quiet. She is a very uncommon beauty; her fay heritage showing in her seasonally colored and unnerving eyes. They are bright ice-blue in Winter and warm to the color of new leaves by Spring. She has a stubborn streak and misses little; by look or by aim she is precise and hits when she chooses. Being too long indoors or amongst crowds makes her tired. She has a powerful love of the wilds and a great appreciation for kindness and courage.


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